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Jeff Furman On: How to avoid another Wall Street tsunami →
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A university president gave up $90,000 to give his minimum wage workers a raise →

This is so so important; and part of what it’ll take for people to be treated right in the workplace, wage-wise. Please do spread the news! An absolute class structure takes place in so many of our organizations; it’s shameful!

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Small farms, big problems: Labor crisis goes ignored in idyllic setting | Al Jazeera America →

Especial focus on Upstate New York farms. Good job Workers’ Center of CNY and the Workers Justice Center of NY!

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Tompkins Workers’ Center Certifies Five New Employers as Living Wage →

• Town of Danby, 1830 Danby Road, Ithaca
• Quintile Biosciences, 19 Brown Road, Ithaca
• Miller Mayer Law Office, 202 E. State Street, Ithaca
• Ithaca Oral Surgery and Implant Care, 1301 Trumansburg Road, Ithaca
• Avalon Homes, 950 Danby Road, Ithaca

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How to Write a New Organizing Playbook →

Excellent post from Jobs with Justice (whom Tompkins County Workers’ Center is affiliated with) ED, Sarita Gupta.

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Letters from Dairy farmworkers to Syracuse Post-Standard Seeking Support for Farm Safety Inspections in New York →
— 6 months ago
Fast Food and Low-Wage Workers Rising Jobs With Justice →
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Flash of Insight into Mob Protest →

Intriguing ‘take’ on our flash mob protest at McDonald’s in Ithaca last week from the Ithaca Times.

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Tell Congress to Pass a $10/Hour Federal Minimum Wage! →
It looks like President Obama got the message: This week, he announced his support for a $10/hr federal minimum wage.
This comes on the heels of two big wins this week at the ballot box. On Tuesday, New Jersey voters approved a minimum wage increase by higher margins than they voted to reelect Gov. Chris Christie. And in the small city of SeaTac, Washington, home to the region’s airport, voters approved a $15/hr minimum wage, giving thousands of airport and hotel workers a much-needed raise.

Now President Obama is joining the cause, endorsing a $10 per hour federal minimum wage and asking Congress to vote on it as early as next week. Sure, it’s not a living wage, but $10 sure beats $7.25 (the current federal minimum wage).

No one in American can make ends meet on just $7.25 an hour — that’s just $15,000 a year. If you’re lucky enough to have full-time work. And every year there’s no action, it gets worse and worse as prices go up and the minimum wage stays the same. 

Meanwhile, giant low-wage employers like McDonald’s and Walmart are doing better than ever. Low wages are good for CEOs, but they’re bad for America.

With inequality at an all time high and fast food workers striking for higher pay, the fight against poverty wage is gaining steam.  From South Dakota to Maryland, Chicago to Washington, DC – people are organizing for minimum wage increases all over the country. Here in Ithaca we are organizing for a living wage.  And now Obama is joining the fight.

Let’s send Congress the message. Tell Congress to pass a $10/hr federal minimum wage.

— 9 months ago